Cheyenne Bruneau

Musician, writer and producer Cheyenne Bruneau shares her experience in the music industry, and the healing and spiritual process she takes in creating her art.

“Art can impact people on such a soul level - and you’re complete strangers. It’s incredible that way.” 
Cheyenne Bruneau, also known as Miss Rae in the band Miss Rae & The Midnight Ramblers, wrote her first song Last Time when she was 19. She explains the meaning behind the song, and its power to transcend her own narrative and become something that her audiences can relate to.

Cheyenne joined the National Screen Institute team in 2021 as program manager for NSI Art of Business Management - Indigenous Edition. Cheyenne is also co-program manager of the inaugural TikTok Accelerator for Indigenous Creators.

Cheyenne is an alumna of the CBC New Indigenous Voices program. 

Trigger warning: This episode contains discussions around domestic violence.

Music provided by Blue Dot Sessions and Miss Rae & The Midnight Ramblers
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